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We are passionate in designing business solutions that seamlessly connect you to your clients. We use lending technology to automate processes to help streamline the workflow. Every client we work with is a customized one-on-one experience, so no matter what obstacles, we passionately build systems that work.

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As the leading Management Consultant and FinTech Experts in the Lending space; The Encompass Expert focuses on the strategic Digital Transformation of legacy financial systems. We work with every Mortgage Originator, Lender and Financial Institution – with a high attention to detail and focus on Process Improvement across the whole Ecosystem. Our passion lies in bringing automation to manual processes through technology with an expertise on integration of repeatable solutions, architecting a full ecosystem, and workflow future-state design. Having formulated a proven approach and methodology which has defined a track record of success.


Software Implementation

Seamless process

Do you have new software to implement and want to ensure setup, training and post-deployment provides the result your company needs? We are masters of development and execution of implementation strategies. Expect to hit your business goals on time and within budget when working with us.

We help manage projects from concept to completion, or often jump into a project mid-flight to insure a successful implementation. Whether you have a crucial initiative that you need help completing, or are struggling with where to begin and what considerations need to be made, we can help!

With hundreds of successful implementations, we have yet to fail on a single engagement and take pride in our execution. We will partner with you to implement your loan origination system (LOS). Our focus is always to insure success by driving towards a future-state workflow, helping to prepare operations and simplifying user adoption.

Our expertise extends to keeping projects on target, on-time and on budget.

Digital Product Management

Engage your audience

Product Management is fundamental because in order to develop and support a successful digital product, it should solve a market problem and be able to engage with its audience. Our team of Experts can assist from concept to completion by means of Idea Generation, Design & Requirement Gathering, development of a product team, organizing sprints, and release strategies.

Business Data Optimization

Minimal risk with maximum efficiency

We perform a holistic evaluation of your organization starting with your people, learning your current processes and reviewing your technology; the net result is a comprehensive report of findings, recommendations based on best practices & a detailed project plan on how to execute. 

Our goal is always to minimize risk, maximize efficiency and increase profitability.

Education Services

Helping hands make light work in the end

Investment in Learning and the development of your team starts with a solid approach to training. This has proven to not only increase the team’s morale, but it sparks motivation and efficiency in the process which all result in financial gain. Our education services include: training plan development, content creation and delivery (classroom or online).


We're a partnership not just a product

Full time or part time, our Support team will act as an extension of your organization. They are trained and certified to perform a variety of system administration functions to keep your systems fully functional; remotely or onsite.

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